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Daniele Cocomazzi Music Composer

Soundtracks and Songs

Everything that becomes music, song, energy, sound wave, voice, through composition is within this section.

Back In Action


Togetherness alternative version


A Day In The Courtroom

The Wedding

La Bellezza Antica dei Giorni

The Night of the Witch

Carezze D'Estate

Flowers' Cars

Cinematic Texture


LA Parola Ai Giurati

Daniele Cocomazzi Sound Designer

Sound Design

Between sounds and broadcasts, the universe is explored in an electronic, sample-based way.

Orchestral Teaser

Lonely Wolf

Heavy Guitar Teaser

Ghost Teaser

Chasing Teaser


Flowers Field

New Horror Movie


Daniele Cocomazzi Performer and Dj

Live music and Dj sets


DJ Sets

Live Music


Experimental tracks for club's nightlife.

a black rose


electric march

surrounded by

mini sound

Daniele Cocomazzi Homepage
About Daniele Cocomazzi

About me

First of all, music is my life. I am a film composer, songwriter, pianist. Yet my specialties are quite wide. In fact I am a teacher of philosophy and history, I write screenplay, and I am a DJ too.

But let's step back. I was born in Guardiagrele, a small village at the foot of the Majella, on the 27th of January 1978. At the age of 6 I discover singing, at eight I meet with the piano; since then I never let him down.

I always improvised on the piano in search of a language that was completely my own.

During high school I study with passion Beethoven's sonatas, the Schubert's ones, the music of Ravel. I fall in love with Romanticism, Goethe and Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and Novalis.

I undertake studies in philosophy, later, ones in composition.
Meanwhile, Milan became my second home. That's where I teach philosophy, music and history in the morning, while in the evening I compose.

I write songs that will be part of some musicals. Composers such as Part, Cage, Nyman, Glass are a constant source of inspiration.

Minimalism has always rung well with me ever since I saw for the first time The Piano.

I have played throughout many places, from Finland to Scotland, from France to Italy, always receiving unconventional feed-back. Therefore, with maturity I have reached the firm conviction that I want to compose for film, theater, radio, television.

I already wrote some soundtracks for plays, as well as advertising campaigns on the internet for famous brands such as BMW and Infojobs.

I am also known as DJ Coco, live performer, thanks to new electronic machines that combine the infinite analog and digital world.

What does music mean for me? I believe that music empowers us to see each other in a unique way. Directly through sounds we engage our hearts and create a common field of intimate experiences. When you listen to my music we are straight away connected to a brand new world.

In brief this is what I do, where I come from and who I am.

Showreel Daniele Cocomazzi


Experiences and creation storage, where I tell you, with accomplished jobs, my artistic experience.

Backdtage Daniele Cocomazzi


This is Backstage where you can leave your message, where we can share experiences, we can start brand new collaborations. A threshold, an open interface where exchange of musical information takes place.

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